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Are you new to the world of the "private chef"? It may sound luxurious, but nowadays, with today's career demands, many just don't have the time to cook.  My affordable services can help you free up precious time for your career, your spouse, your children, your newborn, or a special project you are working on.  Are you looking to eat organic? I can certainly help there. Do you pay attention to the "clean fifteen & dirty dozen"?  I can help plan meals to include the safer, cleaner/less GMO foods. I offer customizable weekly meal plans that are completely unique to you and your family’s needs.


Wanting help in the kitchen but not ready for me to come in and do all the cooking? Consider my "prep to cook" service.


This is where I 

  • Prepare your marinades, sauces, dips, dressings, etc.

  • Prepare rice/potato/quinoa side dishes

  • Chop and prepare veggies so they're ready for stir-frying, steaming, roasting, etc.

This is a great way to reduce your prep time in the kitchen while feeling reassured that your food has been prepared by a caring chef earlier that day, or the day before!




Let's connect and talk so that I can learn exactly what you need.  I have a client intake questionnaire that will help me understand your current diet, lifestyle, tastes, favourite recipes and your health goals.



Based on your completed client profile, I can research recipes that are best suited to you and your family. If you have all the ingredients at home we can use that, and I will plan according to what you have. Of course there may be some ingredients I would request that you purchase. If you are too busy to shop and would like me to take care of the shopping for you, I can do that as well!



I arrive at your home with your customized menu.  This can be once a week, several times per week, or every month. All the food I make for you will be stored in glass containers and labeled for your convenience. You can keep these containers in the fridge for a few days, or freeze them for later.

I always clean up after and make sure your kitchen is spotless! Then again, if you would rather clean up and have me focus on making the food, that's fine too!



The best part of the process. Sit back and enjoy the meals I make for you!

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My experience and background, including my formal training in holistic nutrition (Institute of Holistic Nutrition), provide me with the know-how to prepare healthy plant-based meals for you and your family.


Most Holistic Nutritionists know that gimmicky and fad diets don't work in the long term.  A pattern of well-balanced, whole foods that incorporate all the food groups (protein, carb, and fats) can help support lasting optimal health.  The key is choosing whole, healthy plant based foods from that list of food groups!!


With whole food & plant-based meals created just for you, you can eat healthy, well-balanced meals that appeal to your taste bud, budget, and health concerns. 

Assorted Pumpkins

What my clients say

Thanks so much for your E-book! There are many recipes in there that I can try at home to help me get healthy faster!!!

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