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 Do you want to change your diet so that it's more plant-based but not at all sure how to go about it? Are you a working mom with little kids and want them to eat really healthy but just don't have the energy?  Let's talk via phone, Facetime, Zoom, etc., and discuss your goals...Let's discuss some recipes and strategies to get you and your family eating healthy!

Let's sit down and talk about how to make small changes that can make big differences in your life!  I can guide you and help you create a plan for more well-balanced meals on a daily basis.  Are you having trouble sitting down to a healthy breakfast? Are you eating fast food for lunch?  What's for dinner? Are you tired of thinking and planning nutritious meals?
Let's talk!


 Let's connect with a quick phone call to see how I can help you and your family get healthier.

Get To Know You

Complete a client intake questionnaire that tells me all about your current diet and your goals. This is how I understand your lifestyle, goals, and preferences.  Then we talk about developing a plan for you.

design a Plan

I chose delicious recipes just for you and your family and design a plan to get everyone healthier!

Assorted Pumpkins

What my clients say

"I've learned so much in this class" former student in one of Catherine's cooking classes.

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