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Improve Your Immune System Against Corona Virus With Simple Nutrients

How healthy eating is important when dealing with any illness.

By now you’ve probably been bombarded by many cell phone texts and emails about the Corona Virus, well here is one more. If you’re interested in supporting or improving your immune system, I’d like to share some information about how to strengthen it with some very simple nutritional tips. I learned this from Aileen Burford-Mason’s story in her book Eat Well Age Better, Dundurn Books, 2012. The pages I’m referring to are xvii and xviii, in her introduction. In this section, she discusses how more than 30 years ago, her sickly 5 year old son came down with colds or flu way too often. Being a Student of Nutrition She learned of the nutritional needs of the human immune system and started giving her son the supplements he needed to support his immune system. What were those nutrients? Well here’s the list: essential fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6 the B vitamins, particularly B 6 vitamin C + zinc. She gave these to her son and bingo, he did much better, and seldom came down with colds. The Immune System When it comes to the immune system, there are other common sense suggestions we can follow: get plenty of sleep, keep your body well hydrated, stay away from foods and toxic substances that only increase toxicity like alcohol and smoking, and eat lots of coconut oil! Why the coconut oil? Because coconut oil contains triglycerides which easily enter the membrane of the virus and wreck havoc. Here’s a quick summary of what they do: A Quick Summary

  • They cause disintegration of the virus envelope;

  • 2. They can inhibit late maturation stage in the virus replicative cycle;

  • 3. They can prevent the binding of viral proteins to the host cell membrane.

If you’d like more information about this please go to this link and do more internet searches on how viruses and bacteria respond to medium chain triglycerides. Further Reading

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